Monday, January 12, 2009

El Salvador

Hey Bethany,

I was reflecting on our trip to El Salvador and how awesome it was. It's incredible that it was your fourth trip!! You are amazing to watch as you take leadership in VBS, speak Spanish, and relate to the El Salvadorians of all ages. This was probably our last family mission trip and it will probably go down as my all-time favorite.

God has really prepared you for a life of missions!! Keep me posted on the trip to Guatemala...I AM SUPPORTIVE!!

Just wanted you to let you know that I be praying for you and Travis during this next semester. I know that it will be stressful, but I really believe that it will make you stronger!! It will be so good for him to work through issues and strengthen his relationship with his mom. If you ever need to can talk to me or mom.

I would love to do pie or a movie this week with you!!



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